The Fossil Study Rock  and Living Fossil Trees   


Darryl "Dusty" Rhoads conquers White Mounds to expose the achimedes, crinoids, trilobites, by values

and bryozoans fossils. Then we photograph and document the area with google earth.

Video Conferences

Dr. Steve Westrop, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History - [email protected]

Dr. Bryon Tapp of University of Tulsa, earthquakes

Jet Propulsion Lab., Pasadena,Calif.

Dr. Julie M. Chang Ph.D. Geologist IV

Okla. Geological Survey - [email protected]

Roger Burkhalter, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History - [email protected]


Rose Rock Cluster


Indian folklore states that "God, looking down from heaven, decided to commemorate the courageous Cherokees. As the blood of the braves and the tears of the maidens fell to the ground, they were turned to stones in the shape of a rose." The Rose Rock is found in Oklahoma at the end of their journey on the "Trail of Tears". The State Flower of Georgia, the tribe's eastern home, is the Cherokee Rose.  The Barite Rose is the State Rock of Oklahoma.


The Rose Rock pictured left is acknowledged to be  the largest cluster out of the ground  in the United States. This rock is owned by Steve Meints and is at a Rock Shop called Natural Delights in Cherokee County. See Steve's web site


The Cherokee Rock Hound is on the trail of adventure. Sniffing out web sites and contacts for the Educators and Rock Hounds. Leading us to new exciting fines and information. 

For example:

Black Cat Mt. Trilobites


Association of Applied Paleontogical Sciences AAPS


University of Arkansas - Professor Van Brahana, Ph.D. Dept. of Geosciences


American Geological Institute


Science Museum of Oklahoma


Tulsa Gelogical Society


Fort Worth Museum of Natural History


Deming Rock and Mineral Society

Deming New Mexico


Oklahoma Department of Mines


Memphis Geology Society

Sam Noble Museum Of Natural History - Fossil Identification


 Kyle E. Murray, OGS Hydrogeologist


Grant County Rolling Stones Gem & Mineral Society

Silver City, New Mexico

Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum


 Ark-La-Tex Gem & Mineral Society

The "Baths" Nickels Nature Preserve in Cherokee County

The Ventures (Telstar/The Lonely Bull)

Contact Information:

Sam Noble of Museum Natural History

[email protected]


Geological Enterprises

[email protected]


D.W. Correll Museum

[email protected] 

Web Locations for

Educational Resources


Geological Enterprise


Sam Noble Musuem of Natural History


 The Elsing Museum


Cimarron Hestitage Center


University of Oklahoma Faculty Senate



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Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineral Societies


Arizona Night Skies by Grant Curtis


Natural Delights Rock Shop


Minerals in a Region


American Federation of Mineral Societies


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U S and Canadian Fossil Sites


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Museum of the Red River


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Science and Nursing


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